welcome to my site,and enjoy looking around. There a a few packages i offer   the first and most popular is £30 per hour   for this you get up   up  to 2 ppl  or 2pets , on location  ie  creswell dunes and beach /or indoor studio type shots.

a minimum of up to 20 fully processed images as well as a contact sheet of all images sent  via e mail

access to  your own personal gallery to view images via website

once ive edited your pictures you have the soul rights to them, theres lots of companys out there offering good merchandise  canvases ,,metal prints etc etc at very good prices 


im not  fresh out of college like  most  been doing this for a long long time ,,it  mite  be the cheapest around but i pride myself on what i think is the  best around here,,  images  and edit s  


regards  peter



for this  and other packages  please contact myself


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male early 50,s taken photographs now for approx 30 years,
living in northumberland provides myself with some fantastic choices in venues, sea and land,and great characters for my portraits,achived great results with weddings but now aim for selective portrait shots, and any commisions presented.

full cbr check every year for the saftey and peace of mind of any clients

also fully insured

photography trips arranged,max of 4 people but ring for dates avaliable

regards peter

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