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my second blog,this ones about a rescent trip with the camera and a treasure,a journey into the unknown

meg of meldon    ie   meg the witch

the journey starts with the grotto at hartburn northumberland.carved into a solid cliff face a vicar    dr  sharpe  18 th  century time shaped the inside of a cliff face and made a tunnel for bathers to enter the river wansbeck. at one time this area must have had more population  i would say approx 40 ppl now approx   but in them days this was on the route of the devils causeway,so there may well have been a lot of people resting over on there journeys to and from scotland

you can still see the bathers passage   ie tunnel  and above the grotto  two recesses where adam and eve two statues stood this is true as ive spoke to a local lad who said they were vandalised  and thrown into the river




showing a few images on face book an old friend sandra said it  brought memories  flooding back to her as she lived there as a child and sought meg the witches spoils when short of pocket money from a nearby well,,ha my mind went into over drive a well a treasure and soon after we were given close directions to the well. all afternoon we searched woods etc etc and close to nightfall when my friend noticed an alien mound to the area we were in,gary jumped down to it and shouted its the well ,,i smiled  yes  ha  ,then  he shouted its full of money   /pull the other one pls  he raised his hand and guess what  full of old coins  mangled by the years of gentle pounding by the water,.   meg s well  had lost its secret but we did not plunder it  but we added our own  coins and left,in search of her burial place newminster abbey morpeth

this last picture is the treasure what a fantastic journey it  was  over 6 months  from start to finish

megs well  coinsmegs well coins


One day I will go back and repay meg as I do owe her , thank you Peter once again you have allowed me to remember my fantastic childhood days xx
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